Some of the perspective on which India needs to concentrate are:

1) Caste less society

2) Indians liberating themselves from the regional geographic, demographic and psychographic thinking.

3) Acceptance of new ideas and thinking

4) Avoidance of resistance to change

5) Equal justice to all and reach of legal system to all and gearing up of judiciary to process and try and conclude the cases faster.  As Justice delayed is justice denied.  Implementation of legal reforms a must for India.  In the delayed legal course, unscrupulous elements and criminals are taking shelter in the long process of disposal of cases.

6) Independent Police Systems, aided by Police Reforms, devoid of Political Governance on Police is a must for making Indian Citizens as true democratic citizens.

7) India, needs planners and strategists right from village level to the nation level with a vision for next 150 years.

8) Education System needs to still evolve to cover the illiterates and make the illiterates voluntarily undergo minimum required basic education.

9) Secular Nation is our theme, but equal opportunities though kept wide open, but availment of these opportunities is still not becoming possible to certain sections of the society, thus creating a gap and rift and restlessness leading to communal unrest.

10) Due to lack of opportunities, migrations to cities are making the major cities in India as the dust bins as these cities lack basic infrastructure for accommodating the growing influx of population on account of migrations.  Hence all round village level development is the only way, which can put a stop to the migrations.

11) The wide gap between the rulers and ruled needs to be bridged and also the age gap between the Rulers and emerging youth of India needs to be brought down by allowing a vibrant youth in India to participate in Government Programs.

12) Communication or a Charter of developmental activities needs to be kept in black and white with clear implementation schedules, so that the rulers and ruled will be clearly knowing what is there in store for them.  Which will pave the way for inclusive growth.

13) Modern Agricultural Systems needs to be implemented to improve our yields.

14) Huge capacities needs to get built in our Manufacturing both in Public Sector and Private Sector.

15) Bureaucracy needs to involve themselves in Growth Oriented Progressive Thinking.

16) Today India can boast many universities in its fold, but none of these universities are actively involved in any strategy related works for the Government and the research programs and education modules are still going in a regular fashion of academics.  Involvement of Universities as schools of excellence in each growth phase planning and strategy is very much essential for synergistic efforts of the academia along with the bureaucrats and rulers for the betterment of our India.

17) Media freedom is a welcome feature in a democratic society, but excessive freedom with ulterior agendas, if they become the order of the day, the innocent public are going to get wrong messages, thus making them confused to assess on what’s right? and What’s wrong?  This is where certain guidelines without hampering the Media Freedom are essential for consistency and integrity of news percolation to the masses of India. Media’s role should be to educate the common and provide them the X-factor, by not taking any sides explicitly or implicitly.

It is with the above said some premises, India Change Foundation has come into existence for voicing its un-biased independent views for the betterment of the Indian Society.  We are not belonging to any political party and we do not have any political affiliations.  We don’t have any god fathers.  We are a group of professionals who are concerned for the Indian Nation, with Patriotic Thinking and benevolence to Mother India.

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