We got liberated from British Rule in 1947, but still India is lagging behind in basic infrastructure and basic essentials some of which in brief are as follows:

1) Still illiteracy is too high a percentage when compared to the population and population growth.

2) Basic Education still needs to spread to the villages and nuke and corner of India.

3) Still 40% of population lives below poverty line.

4) Too much of dependence on Agriculture.

5) Manufacturing Strength of India still needs to emerge in terms of world class capacities.

6) Poor Roads, Shortage of Electricity, Scanty Potable Water are the major issues faced by the nation and its population.

7) Basic human necessities in terms of food and shelter are still issues to be resolved.

8) Growing urban migrants and lack of planning of the cities leading to forceful illegal occupation by the migrants for livelihood which is becoming a major social issue.

9) Multi layered governance through various bodies leading to excessive politicization rather than meeting the requirements of the population.

10) Multi Party System though an inherent feature of democracy, but these multi political parties for their survival are concentrating on politicization of the issues at the cost of real development.

11) A citizen in India is not aware what developmental activities are going to take place in his village, town or city as there is no involvement of citizens in the developmental activities by the respective Government Bodies.

12) Planning and Vision Statement i.e. to say Micro Level Planning with a Vision for future right from implementing basic infrastructure is absent, which is why, who plans for what? What development one can expect as a Citizen? Where these developmental activities are going to take shape? are purely left to the hands of Politicians who runs the Governments with the help of Bureaucrats.

13) Development has fallen prey to the whimsical musings of the few individuals, who think in terms of their constituency at the maximum for any developmental activities.  Added to this the excessive division in terms of region, religion, language, caste, creed, community are finding upper hand in every sphere of today’s life.

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