Barrack Obama, few years ago, a grey hound bus traveler, through the mantra of Change has become the president of USA.  The dream of Obama becoming President materialized because he lead his Change Movement in a well informed democratic USA, which transformed over a period of time as an equal opportunity democracy. Of course USA Media also positively responded to the Change Mantra of Barrack Obama.

In India, Today’s Media, which is a power full platform for change as a catalyst, is divided due to the affiliations that the media has to one or the other.

As stated by a renowned Professor, going forward, each media-channel is going to be representing the interests of few pockets / segments and each of these channels are going to put their divergent perspectives in democratic countries with their own theme and logic and it is up to the citizen, which one he wants to follow.

Given the circumstances, We Indian’s needs to reach to the level of a change mantra of Barrack Obama like in India, India needs to transform itself and concentrate on new dimensions and perspectives.

Inspired by Barrack Obama, imbibed with plenty of similarities, I Dr.V.V.L.N.Sastry, A Pride Citizen of India, would like to take active interest in voicing constructively for the change that India Needs through this Forum.

Invite Fellow Citizens to participate in this forum for constructive discussion.

Jai Hind.

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