India Change Foundation has come into existence for voicing its un-biased independent views for the betterment of the Indian Society.  We are not belonging to any political party and we do not have any political affiliations.  We don’t have any god fathers.  We are a group of professionals who are concerned for the Indian Nation, with Patriotic Thinking and benevolence to Mother India.

This forum provides an opportunity for one and all to air their views through their postings on the site in various forums.

Your views are welcome, but before you get into our discussion forums, please read below the essentials before you post your views:-

  1. You should be patriotic and love India.
  2. Your contributions should lead to thought provoking gaps existing in our system.
  3. You should not post any offensive or derogatory material on this site.
  4. You can have your own view point, but with proper reasoning and rhyme.
  5. Your intention should not be to criticize our rulers personally or degrade them with some abuses.  Rather you should be constructive, in your comments with reference to their acts affecting our lives.

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